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Mystical liquorice trees. Work in progress corner of a larger piece that probably has too many elements in it. #drawing #graphite #pencil #wip #trees b a d c

#DrawAThon Update Part 2…


Wonderful, magical images just keep coming…Check these out!

Tiny Pencil’s own Kat Chapman:


Lovely,  whimsical, stuff from @MaiaFjord:

Fina Lau @Frogiedancer

Simone Tso, gorgeously interpreting the ‘As Above, So Below’ theme:

A Fractal Tree from Jackie Bufton:

Jade Suon

Kathy Ross @KathyRossArt

Laura Farina:

Laura Guglielmo, another great Owlman piece:

Linsay Blondeau:

Myriam Roberts:


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The final #DrawAThon Entrants!


What a beautiful, curious and creative combination of entries we’ve had…

We’ll be pulling more prizewinners from our hat very soon, as well as announcing prizes for the cream of the crop!



We love how @WabroArtist has remixed Cornish and Greek Mythology


Ana Paula…

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The #DrawAThon continues (and how!)


WOW - We’ve been sent so many wonderful pieces of work, with some serious pencil prowess on display.

Have a scroll through these amazing images, get inspired!

Massimiliano Di Lauro:


Some truly magical Cornish maidens from @AllieOldfield:image





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The beginnings of my original @tinypencil issue 2 spread. Before I got sidetracked by editing and designing. Will eventually make this into a game/story of some sort… #WIP #drawing #foxes #illustration b a d c
Sad Stanley. #pencil #drawing b a d c
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I made a collage. Are there any #collage #clubs out there? I would like to join one. #duck #art b a d c
Sunday #pencil #sketch #doodle. Featuring a #dog, two #goats, and some #trees. b a d c
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